Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Monkey Man Movie Review: The Producers

THE PRODUCERS starring Some Gay Exciteable Man, Gay Nervous Man, Anchorman, and Thor Running Time: 120 Gay Minutes

THE PRODUCERS the movie that answer the question: can someone make a musical about Broadway that not gay? Answer: definitely not. Monkey Man find musicals weird. When Monkey Man get upset or have to convey emotion, he no sing, he take out claws and slice whatever nearby.

Monkey Man think THE PRODUCERS better movie if it a Sliceacle. Every time someone try to be sad or happy or have something to say, they simply cut nearest object or person.

"Uh oh, we almost out of money!" Slice, good bye, curtains.

"Oh wow, am I in love!" Never mind, she sliced to sexy ribbons.

"It raining?" No slice rain no matter how hard you try.

"Why can't I slice rain?" It all good, slice Ferris Bueller instead.

Monkey Man think in world where movie like SAW make a lot, this kind of movie make money hand over razor nailed fist.

To sum up: PRODUCERS, five gay thumbs up. And then in the morning, no one discuss incident with gay thumbs and where they went.


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